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Most of the staff were friendly, but if you asked some of them a question they answered whilst walking away and looked as if they could not be bothered.

Mrs Brown | 07 Dec 2019

Food and service were excellent.. We felt that the entertainment though excellent was limited with no alternative choice given. There were many venues ie crystal room, the studio and the live lounge that seem to be unused during the evenings. Any wellknown acts were limited and at an extra cost..

07 Dec 2019

Good friendly service.

Mr Wilkin | 07 Dec 2019


06 Dec 2019

Lovely tradition ship sadly still with the usual P&O issues
Ship nicely refitted but some rude staff as we always find on P&O ! Also lacking the attention to detail you get on Cunard and Celebrity Cruises sadly

Mr Somerville | 06 Dec 2019

great value, great service
wonderful cruise

Mrs Whitham | 06 Dec 2019

Improving all the time.
Cabin was lovely, food very good and all staff were friendly and helpful. Ship was clean and looked lovely especially with the Christmas decorations. The Headliners theatre group are excellent, west end quality. We would also like to say that CPS do an excellent job with the car parking service.

06 Dec 2019

Not as good as previous cruises
The young wedding parties on board were out of control drunk and disorderly. Some of the staff were abrupt and not engaging People reserving seats in Brodie's for friends who hadn't arrive so we had to stand at the bar was wrong I have had 3 previous cruises on Acura and I have Booked P&O next November but I am questioning whether I should stay with P&O

Mr Coulson | 06 Dec 2019

I've cruise with p&o for many years once was one of their top allocated mil
Cleanliness of quite a lot of areas of the ship was quite to be desired the smoking areas which are now much smaller were filthy there was toilet waste running over the floor on deck 15 which lead to a load of flies I understand smokers aren't going to be put in the best positions but surely piano you don't put excrement leave it on the floor then there wasn't outbreak of norovirus we was told we brought it on with us but we never it was due to the excrement and urine and overall cleanliness of the ship how Kevin was reasonably clean but I'm sorry piano stop blaming customers for norovirus I really am disheartened and I don't think unless they made it extremely lucrative I would never travel on a zura again the staff that were working were extremely good and courteous and a pleasure to be with but I honestly think they are overworked now now and due to this fact all of the jobs that should make it shipshape I'm not being done if the whole of the ship is rusty this is what we the passengers can see what is it like behind the scenes where we cannot see shed to let my imagination go to some of them places piano pull your act together or you might not be there in the foreseeable future unless you want your cruise ship to be filled with people who go too much inferior holidays and then I suppose you could cater for them

06 Dec 2019

Food was excellent and service.

Miss Browne | 05 Dec 2019
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