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Sri Lanka Cruises

South of India and north of the Maldives, the teardrop-shaped island of Sri Lanka couldn’t have a more exotic location.

Because of this, it has become a melting pot of diverse culture and flavours which can be seen in the food, arts and attractions.

Ancient ruins, mystical teas and rolling waves make a cruise to Sri Lanka a journey to a world of vibrancy and colour while an undercurrent of ancient life still persists, owing to the fact that this small island is thought to have been inhabited for over half a billion years.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Sri Lanka is one of the world’s largest tea exporters.
  • The national sport of the country is volleyball.
  • Most of Sri Lanka’s electricity is powered by hydro energy.
  • The world’s biggest wedding took place in Sri Lanka in 2013.
  • Cinnamon was discovered by Egyptians but originated in Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka is also home to some of the world’s most diverse creatures that reside in the dense rainforest amid the ancient Buddhist ruins. 

The capital city of Colombo buzzes with opulence, with the shopping districts full to the brim with sapphires and rubies, and the markets showcasing the island’s rich and sweet cuisine. All of this is set to a backdrop of British colonial architecture and a national love of cricket.


The Fort District in northern Colombo has much in the way of international shopping and restaurants while the Pettah Bazaar offers an authentic Sri Lankan experience with local crafts and foods on offer. You’re free to browse the many shops that line the mosques and temples of this area, or bustle through the crowds as you barter. It’s a great opportunity to take in the ambience and grab yourself everything from jewellery to herbal medicine. 

The fortified city of Galle is just 75 miles from Colombo. There’s a spectacular natural harbour here, as well as the beautiful beach of Unawatuna. Exotic fish and rare birds are often seen in this part of the country, so don’t forget your binoculars. 


Landscapes and wildlife


Sri Lanka’s pristine sands and melodic waves have been hailed by those in the know, including National Geographic magazine. 

Galle Face Green Beach, a bustling seaside area with mesmerising sunsets and a host of water sports, is the ideal place to bask in Sri Lankan hospitality.

Sri Lanka itself has many ecosystems, jungles and coral reefs – just north of Colombo, visitors can discover these for themselves at the Negambo Lagoon. The wildlife live among the sands of the Muthurajawela Marsh and it’s here that visitors are able get up close to alligators, otters, fruit bats, monkeys and many migratory birds within their natural habitat. This is also an area famed for lobster harvesting.

The major river here is the Gin River, which unfortunately doesn’t quite live up to its name, but the lush riverbanks are home to some interesting birdlife including the Sri Lanka grey hornbill, green pigeon and hanging parrot.


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Sri Lanka

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