About Ancona

Beyond its busy harbour, the ancient Adriatic port of Andona - capital of Italy's Marche region - offers visitors a fascinating insight into its past. Most of the popular excursions offered from our cruises to Ancona provide an adventure associated with experiencing a rich culture.

Make the best of your Ancona cruise experience and walk under the ceremonial Roman arch, a gift from the emperor Trajan, and head uphill to explore the oldest part of the city. Ruins, including an impressive Augustan amphitheatre, are revealed as you head towards the summit. Here you'll find one of Italy's finest examples of Romanesque architecture, the medieval Cathedral of San Ciriaco. Ancona cruises can then take you to the 16th century Palazzo Ferretti, home of the National Archaeological Museum of the Marche region. There's also an art museum with works by Crivellior, for a hands-on experience, reach out and touch the display at the The Museo Tatttile Statale Omero.


Shore excursions in Ancona Cruises

Sorry, there's no excursions available for this port right now. Please check back for our exciting new collection.