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The summer 2020 holiday collection is out now

The year is 2020. The season? Summer. The stars of the show… you and yours. Our new summer 2020 collection is a must-see, must-do, promising epic sunrises, sweeping new horizons, and a bright new superstar, Iona, making her first appearance on the oceans.

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This is the Baltic. Your mission? To investigate the sights and sounds behind best-selling thrillers and scheming Scandi dramas. Brace yourself for a history of intrigue and invasions, and a collision of grand traditions and contemporary designs.

Short breaks

From well-earned weekends away, to marking milestone moments, or simply getting away for a few days' rest and recreation, we have a collection of cruises that are short and oh-so sweet.


Unearth many more of the charms in the Mediterranean when you fly to your ship in Valletta, Malta. By flying out to your ship you’ll be able to visit up to nine destinations in a fortnight – an adventure that gives you more opportunities to soak up the delights of the region.

Our new Mediterranean fly-cruises

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